Random thoughts, ideas, and videos that might be of interest to the Nerdy Gurdy community, as well as people interested in getting involved

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    Ryan Kurczak

    Community Spotlight Here’s a video by my great gurdy friend, Ryan Kurczak, who does the Hurdy Gurdy Cafe Podcast with co-host, Sergio Gonzalez. Ryan and Sergio bring us interviews with well-known members of the hurdy gurdy community and a wide variety of music. Ryan maintains an awesome website for hurdy gurdy enthusiasts,

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    My Journey to the Land of Nerdy

    My Journey to the Land of Nerdy I’ve owned a laser cutter for a few years and have used it to entertain myself and my friends with a wide variety of eclectic and often weird “art” pieces that I’ve designed and built but never really hit on my niche… …Until one day when my daughter-in-law posted a picture of a laser cut toy model of a hurdy gurdy, thinking that it might be something for me to make. My other daughter-in-law saw it and went kind of crazy because she had always wanted a hurdy gurdy. Other than one line in an old song, I had never heard of a…