Community Spotlight

Short interviews with outstanding members of the Nerdy Gurdy Community. This would include teachers, building mentors, and innovators who contribute to this rich and diverse community.

  • Community Spotlight

    Sergio Gonzalez – Musician & Teacher Sergio Gonzalez comes from the Catalonia region of Spain but his appeal in the Nerdy Gurdy community, and the much larger Hurdy Gurdy community in general, is worldwide. He is best known as one of the premier (and SUPER fun) Hurdy Gurdy teachers and he reaches thousands of players through his YouTube channel and his own website (above), as well as being an active member of most hurdy gurdy interest forums on the internet. Sergio is a lifelong musician, having been a classical pianist for 25 years and counting. He first saw a Hurdy Gurdy when he was only 6 years old, at a festival in a very…

  • Community Spotlight

    Jaap Brand

    Jaap Brand describes how the Nerdy Gurdy came to be. By Jaap Brand A few years ago, I took up the idea of building my own Hurdy Gurdy. Now, I’m not much of a craftsman, so that might be a disadvantage. I am, however, a highly experienced mechanical engineer. My normal field is designing equipment for the high-tech industry, with customers around Europe, Japan and Silicon Valley in the US. So, I thought: why not use the tools of the trade and create a Hurdy Gurdy using modern rapid prototyping technology; Laser Cutting and 3D printing? Would it be possible to create an instrument that is inexpensive to build, and…