Coming Soon – The MorKitHarpa


Thanks to the genius designs of Jaap Brand, with a special nod to his Nerdy Harpa, I would like to present my own take on the Moraharpa in a flat-pack kit that you can build at home.

Kits will soon be available in the United States and will become available in other parts of the world as I’m able to make agreements with third-party makers.

The MorKitHarpa is a simplified design and is very easy to build and set up.

Skilled musician, and an icon in the Folk Music Community, Vicki Swan of NyckelharpaUK has been instrumental in the design and testing of the MorKitHarpa, and even named it. Here are a couple of the early videos of her playing two of the instruments, one built by me, and the other built by Vicki.

This was done within minutes of Vicki opening the package, so the strings are new and haven’t settled yet, and it’s not filmed with studio mics. First impressions before it even had a name.

The video above is the first time the kit that Vicki built made sound.

The kits will be available with two different face designs, the traditional hearts, or “f”-shaped sound holes. Personally, my ears hear a difference in sound quality between the two, with the “f” holes giving a somewhat richer sound, but that is just my opinion and open to interpretation. When she gets time, Vicki is going to test them herself and see if she hears a difference.